Développer les compétences de savoir de base (lecture, écriture…)

Anglais professionnel - Certification professionnelle en langue Pipplet FLEX


Semaine 0 Recueil et analyse des besoins professionnels en langue anglaise du candidat
Semaine 1 How to talk about family and possessions -To have affirmative and negative form
Semaine 2 How to decide on a menu, how to express yourself when buying food. How to talk about quantities and personal objects - Some, any, there is, there are, much, many, possessive adjectives

Semaine 3 How to talk about others – Demonstrative, possessive, specific vocabulary, order of adjectives
Semaine 4 How to compare, how to talk about preferences – Pronouns and verbs
Semaine 5 How to express interest in someone, how to talk about plans – Present continuous and questions marks, future with present continuous and simple - Diffrence between will and going to
Semaine 6 How to give someone instructions, how to make suggestions, how to ask for favours – Will, Shall, Would Semaine 7 Examen blanc: 1h30
Semaine 8 How to ask – Would like, want to, wanna
Semaine 9 Degrees of possibility – Modal verbs
Semaine 10 Talk about goals and possibilities - First and second conditional
Semaine 11 How to complain and justify, how to talk about the past– Past simple
Semaine 12 Examen Blanc
emaine 13 Remédiation en vue de l’examen
Semaine 14 Examen PIPPLET FLEX - En ligne - Résultats en 24H

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